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CRM-200 Common Rail Injector Measurement System

CRM-200 Common Rail Injector Measurement System is designed to rebuild malfunctioned injectors to meet Bosch stage 3 repair standard.


                                                                                                                             Download CRM-200-introduction

                                                                                                                             Download Repair instead of exchange 

                                                                                                                             Download latest upgrading software V5.0  

                                                                                             Youku CRM-100 operation video 

●     Latest upgrade:
       Integrate design of a 15 flat panel touch screen PC with controller, main function as 
       ■ Data hub for communication between PC and micrometer
       ■ To generate electronic signal to drive injector for dynamic armature lift measurement
●     Window XP OP based control software
       ■ User friendly intuitive interface to direct the measurement procedure step-by-step
       ■ On-screen display of the correct thickness of calibration shims to avoid the confused user calculation
       ■ Build-in database
           ●Bosch automotive injectors, including CRI 1-2.0-2.2, CRI 2.1, CRI 3A, CRI 3B
           ●Bosch truck injectors, including CRIN 1 and CRIN 2.
           ●Denso X2, G2 injectors
      ■ User can add new test data manually
      ■ 1 year free software upgrade after purchase
●    Made in Japan Mitutoyo micrometer, resolution 0.001mm
●    Complete tool sets to fulfill injector repairing tasks for option.
●    Complete sets of calibration shim spear parts for option.

CRM-200 Standard Package 


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